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Improve your Bridge card game skills

Logo-newDo you want to be a super expert in bridge card game? In this modern life, bridge card game is very popular. It is an indoor game. Normally, there are different level players in this game. There are novice, intermediate, advanced, expert and world class players. Some advanced want to improve their skill and some experts want to add new gadgets to their system. So, they search for the new conventions and artificial bidding systems. We can find many ebook tutorials to improve the expert or advanced level skill in bridge card game on internet. Generally, We found those tutorials in a website. Like those websites, we are Bridge Ebooks. What differentiate Bridge Ebooks ebooks from the other similar website is that the ebooks threat unusual convention. So you would have hedge against opponenents who ignore the gadgets described in the ebooks. For now, you can get 7 advanced or expert level ebooks to improve the skills of advanced and expert players. In future, we will publish more books. Here are the 7 book names:-

  1. 1st Overall After One Major Opening
  2. 2 Suited Overcall Advanced
  3. 2 Suited Overcall Basic
  4. Bridge in Competition
  5. Defense Against Jacoby Transfer
  6. Defense Against 2 Diamonds Multi
  7. Week 1 No Trump Opening

By reading these books, an expert player can improve his bridge bidding skills adding new weapons in his arsenal. Expert players can get a proper knowledge about bridge conventions when they would read these books. The books are written by some writers who are expert players in bridge game. The books will help to improve bridge with some artificial bidding. An expert player will know about bridge bidding system fully and clearly.

Bridge Ebooks is mainly an ebook selling site other than a blog and a forum. We sell here bridge card game tutorial ebooks. The ebooks are for expert and advanced players. Most of the books are not free. Those are paid books. Our payment process is very easy. For now you can pay us through PayPal online payment service. We have a good reputation online. If you have any question or have any confusion, you can contact us easily through our website’s contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

We believe in service. Our books are in pdf format without any grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Bridge Ebooks has member registration system. With this, your orders and payment process will be secured.

We always try to satisfy our customers. We are proud to announce that we have 100% positive reviews from our customers and we will keep it that way because we value you.